The University of Thessaly is one of the newest institutions of higher education in Greece. Planned in the early 1970's it was founded in 1984, and began operation in 1988. The University comprises four schools located in the cities of Volos, Larisa, Karditsa Trikala, and Lamia, in central Greece.

The Department of Planning and Regional Development, of the School of Engineering, is located near the centre of the city of Volos - a modern, lively, medium-sized city with a population of 120.000 inhabitants. Volos is at an approximately equal distance from the country's two main urban centres Athens and Thessaloniki. The city is located at the foot of Mt. Pelion, a mountain of exceptional natural beauty. With many well-preserved traditional villages, it is a combination of outstanding landscapes for winter and summer tourism. The refreshing natural environment and culture are of great importance for the development of a fast growing academic community in Volos.