Undergraduate Programme

The courses are structured around 7 basic axes which make up the components of planning and development adopted by the university:

  • mathematics and computer science,
  • basic technical subjects,
  • geography and environment,
  • social spatial sciences,
  • economic sciences and regional development,
  • urban planning, and spatial planning,
  • while there is also foreign language.

The department offers specialization in various areas. Examples are the following:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Geographic Information System Management
  • Spatial Dimensions of the European Integration
  • Balkan Planning Issues
  • Tourism Development and Planning
  • Evaluation of Programs and Development Policy

DPRD fosters the development of new areas of specialization in accordance with the changing conditions. Moreover, the wide range of elective courses (concentrated in the last three years) enables every student to create a totally personal academic profile, which will shape her/his career.

During the final semester (10th) only electives are taught and students carry out their diploma thesis. The project can be individual or joint (up to three persons). This project must represent thorough research and strong writing skills. The contents and form of the thesis must be of a professional quality, and must include a public presentation at a departmental gathering.

Over the final two summers, students are required to gain professional experience through temporary employment in services or offices of relevant public or private organizations. Below is a list of organizations where our students have worked: Ministries for the Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works; Municipalities; Prefectures; the Public Housing Authority and various private offices.

Students are also encouraged to participate in departmental research programs. In the past, those studies have included a socio-geographical study of the Volos metropolitan area, rehabilitation of the Volos harbour, and an industrial analysis of the region of Almyros.