Greek-French Master Programme PODEPRO

The Greek-French Master Programme “Population, Development, Foresight” (PODEPRO)

In 2005, the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analyses (Ldsa) of the Department of Planning and Regional Development Faculty of Engineering, University of Thessaly and the Institute of Demographic Studies (Iedub) of the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV took charge of the direction, coordination and organization of the Master Program «Population, Development, Foresight» (PοDePro) which leads to the award of a specialization Master’s degree.

PoDePro offers a specialization which gives both Greek and French students as well as those coming from other countries (specifically EU neighbor countries and developing countries) the chance to earn profit from the experience of the two collaborating teams in the methods and techniques of spatial analysis, local-regional development and strategic perspectives (University of Thessaly), demographic analysis and economic development (University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV).

PoDePro can admit 15 students maximum. Students are expected to attend 343 hours of class meetings. The first semester courses take place in Bordeaux while the second semester ones take place in Volos (mandatory student mobility). At the end of the second semester, students have to do their internship during which they put into practice in a professional environment the knowledge they have acquired. Upon completion of the internship, students have to prepare a dissertation which they will defend in front of a faculty committee composed of members from both Universities.

Objectives and professional prospects

PoDePro aims at training and providing specialized administrators who will participate in the decision making by politicians, developers and managers, as well as specialized demographers who will:

  • have knowledge of the total processes that lead to the production of demographic data for both developed and developing countries.
  • be able to analyze population renewal at national, regional, local, etc. levels by studying many different populations (population of a country, population of a region, weakened populations…)
  • process, with the use of statistical, spatial, and cartographic representation tools, the characteristics and the development of these groups, and, in general, economic and social statistics of the under examination spatial units.
  • make projection scenarios with the use of both quantitative and qualitative methods (demographic macro and micro simulations).

The knowledge and skills acquired enable graduates of the Master Program Population, Development, Foresight to undertake:

  • demographic studies and research
  • spatial-demographic studies and research
  • statistical studies and research
  • socio-economic studies and research
  • demographic projections

The corresponding workplaces are essentially offered by public organizations (local, regional, national, European, international) and by consulting agencies (demand has been increased in this last sector). Finally, students, who, after graduating from the PoDePro Master Program, wish to follow a research orientation, can do a joint Ph.D, attending an intensive focused on methods doctoral program, which is offered by an international specialized in demography network. Holders of this Ph.D program can search for a job in:

  • Universities and research institutions
  • European and international organizations
  • Public Administration Organizations and Statistics Offices, local authorities
  • Consulting firms specialized in data collection and analysis, and, generally, in all entities that use observation methods and techniques of social sciences (file data and field research processing) as well as projections or scenarios of strategic perspectives.

Languages of instruction

As most courses are taught in French both in Bordeaux and in Volos, candidates must be proficient in the French language. In addition, as some courses during the second semester at the University of Thessaly are taught in English, candidates are required to be proficient in English (English is also necessary in order to be employed in some sectors).

Admission Prerequsites

To be eligible for admission to the Master II Program PoDePro you need to have 240 ECTS or an equivalent academic degree from an internationally recognized university. This degree must be in a discipline qualifying for the chosen Master's degree programme. Your previous studies must comply in quality, depth and breadth with the requirement profile of the PoDePro program. Applicants are admitted on the basis of their degree and their dossier. Candidates may be holders of a degree in Demography, Geography, Economics, Urban Planning, Regional Development, Sociology and Social Policy, Applied Mathematics in Social Sciences, Anthropology, History, Law, Biology, Epidemiology and other related disciplines.

Applications must be submitted either to the University of Thessaly or to the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV. Enrollment can also take place at one of the two Institutions. On the basis of the existing bilateral agreement, it is not required to enroll at both Universities, as students enrolling at one automatically become students of both.


Students of the Master II PoDePro enrolled at the University of Thessaly are offered bursaries via the Erasmus Program for their stay in Bordeaux (1st semester) and, vice versa, students of the Master II PoDePro Program enrolled at the University of Bordeaux are also offered bursaries via the Erasmus Program for their stay in Volos (2nd semester). These bursaries cover costs of transportation and accommodation in a student residence as well as food costs in the above mentioned cities.

The Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the State Scholarships Foundation ( of Greece offer to students coming from third countries and wish to continue their studies in Greece a limited number of bursaries. Information on the offered by the Greek government bursaries can be obtained from the Greek diplomatic services in each country (embassy, consulate).

Similarly, some French Embassies offer a limited number of bursaries per country to students who wish to continue their studies in France (in this case, the student is required to enroll at the University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV).

Finally, many international organizations and agencies like AUF ( as well as national institutions offer bursaries to students who wish to continue with postgraduate studies outside their country. Students admitted to the Master II PoDePro are eligible for all bursaries offered by the above mentioned organizations and agencies. Consequently, students interested in obtaining a bursary are invited to ask the competent national and/or international bodies and agencies.

Students, who have Greek citizenship, can obtain all information on offered in Greece bursaries from the Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs or from the State Scholarships Foundation. The Embassy of France in Greece ( also offers a limited number of bursaries via the Vrika Programme.

Students interested in applying for one of the offered by the above mentioned organizations and agencies bursaries – excluding the ones offered by the Erasmus Program – are required to apply during the first semester of each academic year (i.e. by May at the latest). Consequently, students who wish to be candidates for the Master II PoDePro Program and at the same time wish to be eligible for a bursary are obliged to submit their candidature dossier as soon as possible (before end of April) Therefore, they have to send their candidature dossier and, if eligible, ask for a pre-enrollment certification.


Prof. Byron KOTZAMANIS (University of Thessaly, Greece)
Prof. Christophe BERGOUIGNAN (University Montesquieu-Bordeaux IV, France)

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