Undergraduate Programme

Business Plan Development

Course goal

The main objective of this course is to help students acquire the basic knowledge and skills for the efficient development and evaluation of a business plan.

More specifically , the course aims to develop and cultivate skills of students, such as:
• ability to identify and evaluate business and innovative "opportunities"
• ability to search, analyze, synthesize and evaluate relevant data and information
• ability to search for and manage human resources
• understanding of the economic and technological developments and their consequences
• identification and evaluation of socio - economic environment
• sharpening of critical thinking
• team building and team management, teamwork
• work in a multidisciplinary environment

Course subject

The objective of this course is further enhance knowledge gained by attending the first entrepreneurship course (Introduction to Entrepreneurship) and to provide the students with basic knowledge on the development of successful and complete business plans.

Τhe course, indicatively, will focus on questions that concern:
• definition of the needs of users (market research),
• development of business plans,
• investment assessment and planning,
• financing of start-ups (venture capital, business angels etc),
• management of brand names and trademarks,
• development of business collaborations.

During the course:
• The students will visit 1-2 enterprises related to their object of study and their interests,
• lectures from business owners and executives will take place
• teams of 4-7 students will be formed in order to develop business plans, with the advisory guidance and support of members of the entrepreneurial community

The lectures and other activities of the course are, additionally, supported by laboratory courses through which each group is given the opportunity to discuss their work and to seek solutions to problems or specialized knowledge on specific aspects of their work.


Student evaluation is largely based on the team project prepared by the students, while the final grade takes into account:

         the written text of the team project
         the presentation of the project at the end of the semester
         participation in laboratory classes
         participation in the activities of the course (lectures, visits, etc.)


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