Undergraduate Programme

Administration and Project Management

Course goal

The aim of the course is the contribution to the comprehension of basic principles of Project Management and the way of their application on the management, organization and scheduling of private or public works and investments. The theoretical part of course aims to the analysis and description of basic principles of Project Management. Moreover, it aims to the description of basic methodologies of management and their rational planning and evaluation. Furthermore, the methodologies and the ways of planning, organization and administration of projects by a rational way are described, that aim at the reduction of cost of production and the time duration of implementation and the achievement of greater productivity in the process of construction of various projects. In the part of exercises the methodologies, which they were taught in the theoretical part are applied and exercises or real problems are solved, by using of for the most part "real" sizes. Thus, the students can be better familiar with the reality and the sense of sizes that characterizes the real problems is acquired.

Course subject

• Introduction to the project management, the leadership and the guidance in the enterprises and the works, performance, incitement, motives and wage of workers, the "problem of" determination of wage in the enterprises, choice, changes and evaluation of personnel. • Introduction to the theory of financing mathematics, analysis of basic concepts, Funding Analysis of co-financed projects. • The investments in enterprises and construction companies, analysis of methods of project evaluation, «break-even point» analysis, Method of Net Present Value (NPV), Method of internal return rate (IRR), Benefit / cost ratio.  • Introduction to scheduling of the projects construction: The Gantt diagram, the S Curve, the Lines of Balance, the CPM and PERT analysis. • Variation in the CPM and PERT diagram, control of project progress by using network diagram, baseline plan. • Introduction to Operational Research, optimization problems, linear programming, the Simplex method. • The transportation problem, the assignment problem.


The students are evaluated by two written exams. One intermediate exam and the final exams in the end of the semester.


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