Undergraduate Programme

Development Economics

Course goal

The course aims at analyzing the theoretical approaches and the determinants of economic growth. Upon completion of the course, students are going to acquire a better understanding of the concept of economic development and the factors that favor / mitigate the successful implementation of development policies.

Course subject

The course consists of 13 lectures covering the major scientific fields of development economics:

01 The notion of development economics and evaluation of economic development
02 Characteristics of developed and developing economies
03 Drivers of economic development (I)
04 Drivers of economic development (II)
05 Theories of economic growth (I)
06 Theories of economic growth (I)
07 Theories of economic de-growth
08 Globalization and economic development
09 Processes of economic transformation
10 Economic development strategies
11 Public debt and economic development
12 Poverty, investment and economic development
13 The economic development model of Greece


Students’ performance evaluation will be based on final written exams (maximum grade: 7 points), on one take-home personal assignment (maximum grade: 3 points).


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