Undergraduate Programme

Real Estate Management

Course goal

Course goal

Integrating theory and practice, through the discussion of several case studies of property market analysis and property development, this course aims to enable students to understand the complex relations between property markets, economy, society and space, and the planning issues of the built environment within the context of the national and globalized property markets.
The main subject areas of this course are:
▪ The socio-spatial and institutional environment of property, including the basic legal structures, land policy, planning and land tenure systems.
▪ The macro and micro economic framework of the property markets and their interactions with the urban and regional policies development and the global economy.
▪ The financial markets within which real estate markets function and their interrelation with properties and urban development.

Course subject

Course subjects
During the course approached the following topics:
- Real Estate Law
- Property ownership structures, economy, society and space
- Theories of land rent and property values
- Financial system and real estate market
- Real estate markets analysis in Greece and abroad (housing, business, tourist and agricultural property)
- Urban planning and real estate market
- Property markets within regional and local development policies
- Principles and process of private and public properties development.
- Basic financial models of property valuation


Group work and presentation (2-3 people), 4-5 written tests and examinations at the end of the semester.


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