Master in Spatial Analysis and Enviromental Management

Spatial Development

Course goal

The course develops a theoretical and empirical background for the understanding of the factors responsible for the design and implementation of spatial development policies, and provides an evaluation of the effectiveness of the available policy tools. Upon completion of the course, students are going to acquire a critical perspective towards the “classical” tools of spatial development policies.

Course subject

The course consists of 13 lectures covering the major scientific fields of spatial economics:
Lecture 01: Basic concepts for space and development
Lecture 02: Determining factors of development
Lecture 03: Development inequalities in space: Methods for evaluation and spatial patterns
Lecture 04: Necessity, objectives, framework and means for the implementation of spatial development policies
Lecture 05: Strategy “Europe 2020: Smart, sustainable and inclusive growth”
Lecture 06: Insular, mountainous and sparsely populated areas: Analysis and strategies
Lecture 07: Networks of European Territorial Cooperation: The utilization of spatial data form ESPON and URBACT programmes
Lecture 08: Urban development programmes in the EU and Greece
Lecture 09: Place Branding and Marketing research methodology
Lecture 10: Urban space: New cities in the new internationalized environment
Lecture 11: Urban regeneration and strategic development planning
Lecture 12: PPPs (Public Private Partnerships)
Lecture 13: Creative cities and creative classes


Students’ performance evaluation is based on final exams, on one take-home assignment and on students' participation.


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