Greek-French Master Programme DYNTAR


Course goal

With MSc thesis, the student is required to apply a/ theoretical knowledge, practical skills, b/ critical thought and c/ analytical, synthetic and research skills acquired during the master courses

Course subject

The elaboration and presentation of this thesis are an essential part of student education for the acquisition of the postgraduate degree. The thesis is prepared and drafted under the supervision of one or two teachers of the program.
The student is required to demonstrate that has extensive theoretical knowledge, practical skills, critical thinking, as well as analytical, synthetic and research capabilities. In addition, the student has the option to deal with theoretical or applied topics and can realize his diploma in cooperation with a public or private organization working on issues of the master DYNTAR
The preparation of the thesis takes place in the period from June to September. It has to be submitted to the secretariat by 15 September. Students present their thesis verbally and publicly in early October in a mixed Franco-Greek Committee. The program of presentations communicated by the Secretariat of the postgraduate.

Students who do not finish their thesis by the indicated date or those, whose thesis is not accepted by the jury, have the opportunity to present it in January or later in June. In this case, students enrolled in the fall semester and therefore must fulfill the obligations of registering.


The thesis after completing by the student with the support of the supervising teachers, presented in an open event to the evaluation Committee. Then the evaluation committee meets and grades the thesis.