Greek-French Master Programme DYNTAR

Nouvelles fonctions et attractivité des territoires ruraux

Course goal

The understanding and critical assimilation of conditions that contribute to the attractiveness of territories. Nowadays, it has recognized that the efficient functioning and organization of rural territories based on multiple functions that surpass the traditional rural activity that continues to be - for several territories- a key pillar of their social and economic tissue.

Course subject

The first section of the course aims to understand evolutions regarding of the functioning of this area. Emphasis is given to the meaning and scope of "multifunctionality" as a contemporary approach of development. This approach tries to satisfy the needs, values and aspirations of the local community, taking into account social, residential, cultural, environmental and economic dimension. Specifically, analysis of the multifunctionality of rural areas refers not only to the identification of their new functions, but also to the investigation of the interactions and the balances between them. The effective multifunctionality of an area requires the mobilization and the valorization all available resources, particularly those that are not valorized by conventional production sectors.
Given the multiple functions and specificities of rural areas, the second section focuses on the cases, conditions and mechanisms of emergence of their attractiveness. To assess the attractiveness of a territory and reinforce it, this process should focus not only on the socio-economic diagnosis but also in the emergence of the "specific" resources and the organization, cooperation and activation capacity of local actors and local community. The diagnosis of the attractiveness of a rural area and their key components will be investigated, through the study of specific examples concerning Greek rural regions and other territories in Europe.


oral examination at the end of the semester
oral presentation
workshop and Practices exercises


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